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Discover all new features, fixes and enhancements.

Form Designer Upgrades

Forms are what users see first, and has the greatest impact on User Experience. AgilePoint NX offers the most powerful and easy-to-use, visual form designer to ‘‘Drag and Drop’’ stunning and functional user interfaces. Users can easily create the form the way they want, with the required functionality by dragging and dropping the predefined controls to the desired location, and are automatically linked to your data source.

1. Data Source – Citizen Developers can automate form design by selecting a primary data source from SharePoint, Salesforce, SQL Server. This release brings in support for MySQL.

2. Barcode Scanner – Fast and accurate data input via a barcode scan. Users can simply scan and capture the information in a barcode/QR code through their mobile devices (iOS & Android). A huge plus for warehouse workers, or field service staff!

3. Auto Generation of Lookup from a related entity – This improves the usability for citizen developers by removing the complexity, and automating form design with Master-Detail relationships.

4. Global CSS Styles – It allows an organization to define a corporate CSS Style and apply the corporate CSS to all the forms. Changes done to the global style are immediately picked up by all the forms.

Data communication management center

Syncing and relaying data between applications plays an important role in the digital process automation, be it activate a workflow or complete a job upon receiving an instruction.

Therefore, in this release, AgilePoint NX will provide a provision for webhooks, which will allow external systems to subscribe to a wide range of events available in AgilePoint NX.

1. Webhooks (29 available)
AgilePoint Webhooks will perform callbacks to the Webhook URL based on the event registered and broadcast the concerned data required to the registered systems.

2. Session Management Enhancement
The admin will now get a detailed live report of all the calls, both incoming and outgoing, made on AgilePoint NX.

Are your external apps listening? AgilePoint's webhook is here!

Say goodbye to reactive Polling, and hello to webhooks to keep your external apps up to date!

Build a beautiful and user friendly internal portal

For the end user to be able to fully utilize and engage with the applications you have created the way you want them to, it is important to make the portal homepage easy to use and to deliver a personalized user experience.

With the 8 starter templates this update provides, your employee portal can have a polished look and feel you expect in consumer-level websites! And don’t forget, all the pages created in AgilePoint NX are responsive and mobile ready. The end users can access the portal anywhere at any time!

On top of that, as we lowered the barrier of entry to build a page and included features for ease in development, business users and developers can create beautiful pages more easily and faster.

Reusable module and object – Copy any object and reuse it in another page.
Reusable setting of a page.
Store and manage images as assets in the library.
Related content and dependent files in import/export of a page

New Integrations and Process Actions

AgilePoint is constantly adding more process actions to the out-of-the-box 700+ connectors in the 65+ integrations. This release includes 15 new workflow actions for existing integrations and one new integration to simplify application design.

Deeper support for:
Google Drive, Twilio, Slack, Excel, UiPath, Windows Azure Active Directory

New integration for:
Blue Prism RPA

Communicate efficiently with all users via Portal Announcements

Announcements, company-wide updates and notifications need to be distributed in time to the desired end user tenant groups so that users can be informed and up to date.

The system administrator can make announcements to all the users of a chosen tenant on the main portal page.

Auto Configure Mobile App

Mobile experience has always been one of the top priorities at AgilePoint. The system admin can specify the entire list of mobile settings in a centralized location in the portal. A QR code is generated based on these settings. This QR code can then be scanned by the enterprise mobile users to automatically configure the AgilePoint NX app as per the enterprise configuration, without having to fill a tedious form.

Authentication Provider

Many enterprises use Single Sign On (SSO). AgilePoint supports all popular Authentication Providers to meet your enterprise security needs, including Salesforce, Windows Azure, Office 365 SharePoint Online, Google, Okta, Identity Server 4, CA SiteMinder and Active Directory Federation Services. SU2 adds Ping Federate.

Please refer to AgilePoint Product Release Notes for full details on changes delivered in AgilePoint NX V7 Software Update 2.