“With AgilePoint we quickly and securely implement supporting business processes – with deep integration of existing IT Systems.


For supportive business processes, GRENKE was looking for a system that would enable fast and secure requirements implementation, even in an insecure/changing requirement environment with deep integration into existing systems.

Significant benefits are gained by allowing process owners to map workflows with a manageable effort and without deep programming skills, without sacrificing performance, scalability and other requirements such as reliability, backups and user rights. For the modeller, “implementations” – from simple requirements to complex solutions – always felt the same.

Successful cooperation

There are no media breaks or technology changes. Thanks to AgilePoint’s iterative project implementation approach, GRENKE can make dynamic changes to workflow models as needed. This also works reliably with running workflows, which opens up great optimization potentials with a small technological outlay. AgilePoint brings a wealth of standard features by default – available as Shapes / Modelling Constructs / e-Form controls. This enables integration of existing systems such as databases, MS SharePoint, MS Office, Web Services and much more. Thus, GRENKE creates applications efficiently and quickly in the sense of a “composite application”. GRENKE currently uses AgilePoint in conjunction with the latest versions of Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office. User interfaces use AgilePoint e-Forms, and Microsoft ASP.NET.

Thanks to the clear architecture of the underlying AgilePoint framework, the GRENKE IT department internally quickly and efficiently developed its own extensions for AgilePoint to implement special requirements such as the integration of AgilePoint into an internal application (which had no default interfaces). Deploying, running and maintain an AgilePoint solution is easy.


With AgilePoint, GRENKE quickly and securely implements supportive business processes with deep integration into existing IT systems – even in an insecure requirement environment. The AgilePoint approach convinces both methodically and technically.


The core business of the GRENKE Group is leasing for office communication. The focus is on the efficient execution of many small and smallest contracts, coupled with personal advice and competent support. The business units “Bank” and “Factoring” complement the portfolio of the financial services provider. GRENKE LEASING AG is listed in the SDAX.

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